Group FemDom Spitting Action

A bunch of friends gathered and decided to give a go to something they never tried before- group sex with hot FemDom spitting. As they were mostly new to these things, one of the skanks took the role of Mistress Spit and gave orders to Her love slaves that had to endure through Her spitting humiliation that gave them all both pain and pleasure. Cocks were tortured but babes got some hard banging as well as the boys that all came on their bitches at some point.

picture of group femdom spitting and humiliation fetish play

Sexy Brunette Domina in Mistress Spit Action

A FemDom spitting brunette is on the loose tonight as She brings Her new boyfriend to Her secret lair where She puts Her men to the test to see if they are strong enough to endure through Her spitting humiliation fetish actions. Quite intimidated, he sits down and lets Her put him in bondage although it hurts him and his balls get all blue from the tightness of the ropes but he is willing to go through it all just to get into panties of his Mistress Spit. If you liked this scene check out website and enjoy watching other hot mistresses in action!

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Two Guys One Babe and Spitting Humiliation

Smoking hot brunette bitch is having the time of Her life tonight as She gets to be Mistress Spit to two horny guys that would do anything just to get a feel of Her tight snatch. Bringing all of Her sexy tools to the bedroom, She gags one of them and ties up the other and starts the hottest FemDom spitting fuck fest ever. The spitting humiliation is just the beginning as She gets wilder and wilder, making them both suffer if they want to fuck Her.

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Lady in Black Does FemDom Spitting Porn

Sexy blonde babe dresses in black and brings Her lover to the place in the cellar where they do their kinky Mistress spit play from time to time. As She was very horny that evening She decided to have one of Her FemDom spitting nights with him and as he is a submissive guy who loves pleasing Her above else, he obediently went with Her and let Her do all She wants. Sitting on his face as he eats Her pussy, She did the spitting humiliation session that left him all drained of cum.

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Hot Mistress Spit All Over Her Lover

A brunette femme fatale always loved bringing young men to Her lair where She put them through various ways of torture and spitting humiliation. Here you can see Her masked as an Arab genie but She is not going to make any of his wishes come true tonight because She wants to have fun while doing some FemDom spitting on him. His cock is in clamps and bondage and he screams out as his lady Mistress spit on him and touched his sensitive parts in a really rough way.

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Spitting Humiliation and Cock Torture

Young blonde babe with big tits loves to play the part of Mistress Spit when She gets in kinky action with people like this old dude that came to Her looking for something kinky to satisfy his weird urges for torture. She took some of Her tools for bondage and spitting humiliation and hooked him up to the machine that sucked his old cock while She did Her FemDom spitting all over his old freckled body that trembled with excitement as She touched him all over from head to toe.

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Group FemDom Spitting Action with One Guy

Having sex with a bunch of girls can be too much for any dude and this one was particularly in a bad spot because these horny bitches actually wanted to have a FemDom spitting session with him. Thinking that he will just get laid, he let them put him in restraints and when they started doing spitting humiliation alongside spanking, pinching and torturing him, he was a bit scared but still stiff as a piece of wood while the hottest Mistress spit all over his cock and body.

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Masked Blonde Poses as a Mistress Spit Bitch

One hot and sexy blonde with a perfect body was feeling up for something really kinky with Her boyfriend so She suggested that they do some FemDom spitting. He was more than happy to please his woman so She was the Mistress Spit and he was Her slave. First She tied him up really good and then did some hot spanking and spitting humiliation that only made him hornier as he saw his girlfriend getting all wet between Her long legs as She was enjoying being rough on him.

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Two Hot Babes Do Some Spitting Humiliation

For these two sexy bitches there is nothing hotter than having some FemDom spitting fun with submissive guys like this one that agreed to do anything just to get into sack with them. He didn’t know that he might be in over his head because these babes were quite a handful for other, harder dudes than he is. First they prepare him for spitting humiliation by putting him in bondage and torturing him just enough to get ready for the Mistress spit session that will get him both horny and in pain.

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Hot Mistress in Sexy FemDom Spitting Action

Fans of spitting humiliation galleries will surely appreciate this one where you will see a hot brunette Mistress spit all over Her sex slave that is being obedient just like She wants him to. He is sitting there in bondage and waiting for his Lady to do all She wants with him. Aside from FemDom spitting She also sucks his cock while puffing large amounts of smoke over it and tortures his balls with ropes and clamps until he is crying out for Her to be gentle with him.

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